25 (more) Journaling Prompts for more Self-Love

Maggie CastroOne of the more popular blog posts on this site is the 25 Body-Love Journaling Prompts post.

As I’ve been writing my new program 365 Journaling Prompts for more Body-Confidence, Self-Love and Happiness, I thought I’d write a follow up for this blog post with 25 ideas for you to write about your life.

Here we go! Write your heart out, have fun, let go and change your life!

  1. Write a thank you letter to LIFE
  2. This is what I believe about happiness
  3. Dear body, what do you desire right now?
  4. What I learned from my past
  5. This is what I can learn from the way I’ve been eating in the past few weeks
  6. Friendship with my body means

  7. I care for
  8. I truly, deeply feel that
  9. Here’s what I know to be true
  10. My fingers feel
  11. I feel grounded when
  12. When I look around me, I feel
  13. This is how I choose to add a touch of lightness to my life right now
  14. Today, I claim… for myself
  15. Never have I ever…. but I wish I did… so today I will…

  16. Which foods make me think of my childhoood? What feeling do I associate with that?
  17. The silliest thing I’ve done in the last 5 years is
  18. Today, I’ll play in this way:
  19. What part of my life needs a little more attention?
  20. These are my favorite qualities about myself
  21. This is my most treasured being/possession in the world
  22. If I chose for it to be easy I would
  23. Write a page in your journal using your favorite, uplifting word as often as possible.

  24. This is what my future self wants to tell me today
  25. Dear body, I’m sorry…

The simple practice of journaling can massively impact the way you feel, treat yourself and see this world. Make it a point to spend at least 5 minutes in reflecting every day and you’ll see your life – almost magically – turn in the direction you’ve always wanted to go.


If you’re ready to bring your journaling practice to a whole new level, join my new program: 365 Journaling Prompts for more Body-Confidence, Self-Love and Happiness. Daily journaling has changed my life and it has changed the lives of hundreds of women who’ve decided to join the 365 Journaling Prompts already and have allowed themselves to step it up in all areas that truly matter to them. Join the soul-opening prompts now.

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