101 Body-Respect Affirmations


Affirmations are a beautiful way of changing the language in your head.

They’re not a miracle method to healing all of your life’s problems, but they serve as a reminder of what is possible, where you’re headed and how life can change for you if you begin living in conversation with yourself today.

Here are 101 body-respect affirmations to use in order to finally begin escaping diet prison and being a living, breathing body-lover. Read them to yourself, print them, place them everywhere you need them. Use them – daily.

  1. I choose to see my body with love, respect and compassion.
  2. Every day in every way, I connect more with my body.
  3. I intend to accept my body today and every day that follows.
  4. I give to my body exactly what I want my body to give to me.
  5. My body is pulsating with the exuberance of life.

  6. Golden light flows through every vein of my body.
  7. I love my body for what it is and not for how I think it’s supposed to look.
  8. The more love I give to my body, the more in love with her I’ll be.
  9. My body radiates pure confidence.
  10. My body’s wisdom is infinite and I choose to listen to it without conditions.
  11. My body oozes with energy.
  12. I thank my body for allowing me to hug, to kiss, to feel, to experience life in its fullest.
  13. I honor my body with every choice I make.
  14. I cherish the fact that my body is allowed to take up space in this world.
  15. I own my body, fully and unapologetically.
  16. I respect my body for her massive daily work that she fulfils without complaint.
  17. I thank my body immensely for everything that she does.
  18. I bless the food I eat and get out of the way of my body’s natural digestive functions.
  19. I serve my body as it serves me.

  20. My weight does not define who I am.
  21. I choose to feel proud of my body.
  22. My body and I share a deep and powerful respect for each other.
  23. I delight in my body’s strength.
  24. I don’t allow other people’s opinion of my body to tear me down.
  25. I move my body with love.
  26. I allow my body to express itself in the way she wants to.
  27. I allow my body to love and be loved.
  28. I am grateful for every heartbeat, every muscle, every drop of blood that keeps me alive.
  29. I am fully at peace with my body’s natural appetite.
  30. Loving my body is my birthright.
  31. I awaken in the morning feeling totally at peace with the skin I’m in.
  32. I live in complete connection with my body.
  33. By allowing my body to be happy, I allow my life to prosper.
  34. I admire my body and see the best in her.
  35. I recognize my body as my life-long friend and companion.

  36. My body and I have fun together and we make play our duty.
  37. I want the best for my body and easily go out of my way to support her.
  38. Every day in every way, I am becoming more and more comfortable in my skin.
  39. I know exactly what my body needs.
  40. My body radiates peace, joy and love.
  41. I approve of my body with all its quirks.
  42. I trust my body and know my inner wisdom is my best guide.
  43. Every cell in my body vibrates with energy, power and health.
  44. All of my body systems are functioning in perfect harmony.
  45. My body image is healing, and I feel better and better every day.
  46. I love my body exactly how she is and enjoy her unique qualities.
  47. I send love and healing to every organ of my body.
  48. I am in constant loving communication with my body.

  49. I turn to my body for guidance and advice.
  50. I sleep soundly and peacefully, and awaken feeling rested, happy, confident and energetic.
  51. I surround myself with people who are equally body positive.
  52. I am grounded in the experience of body-love.
  53. Body-respect is happening in this moment.
  54. I accept and embrace all my imperfections and celebrate them.
  55. I release my body-love fears and live fully in the present moment.
  56. I am the architect of my respect for my body.
  57. Today, my body is brimming with energy and overflowing with bliss.
  58. My body is healthy and gets healthier every day.
  59. I choose to see my “flaws” with loving eyes.
  60. I choose to see my body anew every day.
  61. I cherish my eyes for allowing me to see and take in the beauty of every day life.
  62. I am guided by my body every step of the way.
  63. The more I listen to my body, the better my life will be.
  64. My body is pulsating with prosperity.
  65. I am courageous and stand up for my body.
  66. My body-confidence is soaring.

  67. I allow my weight to change as it needs to.
  68. I choose to not interfere with my body’s natural ways.
  69. I honor my appetite and choose not to interfere with my body’s need for nutrition.
  70. My body and I live in perfect harmony.
  71. There is no challenge my body and I won’t master.
  72. I consciously set aside time to connect with and care for my body.
  73. I don’t listen to outside sources criticizing my body.
  74. I cherish my fat as it is an essential part of my body.
  75.  I recognize that my body is wise beyond my years.
  76. With every breath out, I release stress in my body.
  77. I am inspired by my body’s continuous growth.
  78. I treat my body gently.
  79. I say no to shame, guilt and hatred.
  80. When I breathe, I inhale body-love and exhale hatred and shame.
  81. I choose to speak of my body with loving words.
  82. Every fiber of my being radiates with love, compassion and delightful freedom.
  83. My body is stardust, an eternal part of this universe.
  84. I embrace ageing for the blessing that it is.
  85. I choose health over weight.

  86. I bless my ears for allowing me to hear with compassion.
  87. I connect with my body daily through touch.
  88. I feel comfortable feeling my emotions.
  89. I honor my legs for carrying me through life and enabling me to have all the adventures I desire.
  90. I deeply relax into my body’s experience of the world.
  91. I listen to the beautiful symphony of organs inside.
  92. I breathe in the scent of hope, freedom and peace.
  93. I live my life today and don’t wait for the “perfect” weight.
  94. I choose to recognize my body as the gift it is.
  95. I allow my body to choose the weight that is needed for us to thrive.

  96. I let go of the need to make food the enemy.
  97. I will not tolerate body-shaming thoughts.
  98. I consciously drop the guilt I feel when I eat.
  99. I commit to valuing my inside more than my outside.
  100. I don’t have to like everything about myself to deeply love myself.
  101. I reflect my body’s sunshine with every move I make.

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