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Escape Diet Prison Coach

I’m a single mom, Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, world traveler, dreamer and doer, lifelong learner and passionate teacher. I write on, teach and live food freedom and body-wisdom.

For the longest time, I was caught in a circle of restricting and binging. Now, I’m free, confident and happy with myself and my body.

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What I can do for you?

I can help you to:


Escape Diet Prison


Make Peace with Food


Tap into Body Wisdom


Wholeheartedly accept your body (even if you don’t think it’s beautiful at all)


Find your Self-worth


Live your Best Life


Reclaim your Feminine Power


Sometimes I wonder

Sometimes I wonder what it’s really about why we’re here why we suffer why we feel why we grow or stay stuck. Sometimes I wonder why it’s messy why it’s hard why it’s...

It makes perfect sense

It makes perfect sense that you turn to food. That you love food so much. That all you can think about is food and all you do is eat. It makes perfect sense that you...

I can not begin to tell you what a difference that Anne-Sophie has made in my life.

Her coaching has allowed me to live a life that is much more authentic and free. I am released from the chains of diets and scales and self-deprecation. I am on a journey to live the most positive life that I am able to and am always searching for the things that I truly want, not the things that I imagine others want from me.

Deb Oswald, Wisconsin

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