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How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself

by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt on December 6, 2016


dont-quityourdaydream-6When you’re a woman, you know of all the forms you can self-sabotage your diet: basically, if you eat, you sabotage your life. Why would you ever do that?

I am kidding, of course. But that is what we’re being told: we shouldn’t eat, shouldn’t look like this or that and when we do, we lose.

So, if you feel like you’re constantly self-sabotaging on the way to healing, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are the standards you have set for yourself even achievable?

    When does self-sabotage set in for you? What does self-sabotage even mean for you? What’s the goal here, really? Perfectionism – all or nothing? You cannot fall off the wagon, if you don’t have one, so what is your wagon?

    The answer is to stop trying to be perfect and to surrender to the reality of life.

  2. What do you really believe about yourself?

    Do you believe you’re unlovable, bad, undeserving, stupid, not good enough, deficient?

    Here is the thing: you will always act upon who you believe yourself to be. If you truly loved yourself you wouldn’t sabotage yourself because you’d know that you only deserve the best for yourself (and the best is NOT weighing a certain amount when it is the complete wrong weight for your body!). If you believe you don’t deserve to have a happy body, you won’t have one. If you believe you don’t deserve to be free of your obsession with food, you’ll screw things up.

    The answer is to heal your core wounds.

  3. Are you scared of successful healing?

    Embrace fear and hesitation when trying something new. Binging every night, going on a new diet every Monday, restricting to the point of going slightly insane, all those actions keep us safe. They’re self-soothing, self-protecting. The struggle we’re in right now is SAFE. Often times we don’t do something beneficial because what we do right now feels great to our body.

    The answer is to make it easy on yourself by doing fun stuff, by creating habits. Create emotional freedom, so that you don’t have to protect yourself or soothe yourself anymore.

  4. Are you living life or living a diet? Are you still stuck in the dieting mindset?

    That – of course – is the number one obstacle on your way to letting go of self-sabotage. If you still believe in diets, if weight loss is still your number 1 goal, you’ll continue to sabotage yourself as your eyes are on the wrong prize.

    The answer is to stop dieting once and for all and instead begin creating a life that is worth living.

Listen to this week’s episode of the Escape Diet Prison Podcast for more tips and tricks on how to stop sabotaging your healing process.

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Where do you think you’re going? An Ode to Being Average!

by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt on December 6, 2016

where do you think you're going?

When you’re caught in the dieting trap, the only way you’re going is backwards. Or maybe you’re going in circles, gaining weight, losing weight, maintaining it for a year, gaining weight, losing weight and maintaining it until the diet doesn’t work anymore.

And thus you start again.

Dieting keeps your life small. It keeps you standing still, wishing for a different reality, a better reality, but never changing anything to actually making that reality come true.

You try and do the same thing over and over and over again – not realizing that no matter how often you try, you’ll never get a different outcome.

So, girl, where do you think you’re going? Where do you think you’ll end up?

I remember how tiny my world used to be when I was not eating, binging, overexercising. It was all about the food, the calories, the constant numbers in my head. There was no room for love, no space for big dreams, no freedom to think, be or do anything but diet.

And when I broke out of diet prison once and for all, the world suddenly seemed so vast – and scary. My safety blanket was gone. My obsession that was keeping me from living life, from facing reality, from putting myself out there had obliterated with the last fearful thoughts of needing to be thin at all cost.

And suddenly I was standing naked in the middle of Times Square not knowing what to do with all of my feelings, all of my dreams, all of my thoughts.

It was overwhelming. It was scary and it was pretty damn amazing. My life was finally open for anything I could possibly want and I was ready for it.

I dreamed and worked and hustled and dreamed some more and worked some more and hustled some more. I wanted to change the world just as much as my world had changed. I wanted to put everything I had learned out there, so others could experience that freedom, that excitement, too.

Girl, where do you think you’re going? I was going far and I was making sure I was enjoying the heck out of every day.

Today, years after I began my new life, I yearn for being average. I want to live an average, normal life. The life that is being laughed at in the personal development space that I was thrown into when I began to podcast. I want to be a phenomenal mom, giving my son the best childhood I can. I want him to feel loved and I want us to have some fun.

I don’t need to be a nomad to be happy as traveling with a 2-year old is really no fun for me. I don’t need to call myself unconventional, being conventional is pretty damn great. I don’t want to work 70-hour weeks anymore in order to make an impact in other people’s lives as the impact I want to make in my son’s life is enough for me at this point. I don’t need to write 500 words a day as I’d rather be outside with my son playing in the snow. I don’t need to work every Sunday, every evening, every holiday anymore as I’d rather cuddle up in front of the TV watching Gilmore Girls, read a story to Johann or simply stay in my PJs all day long.

A life of “average” is pretty damn fine with me at this point.

Girl, where do you think you’re going? I am going to live a life of my wildest dreams.

Sure, I still get the occasional “pang” in my stomach when I see other coaches out there impact tens of thousands of people. I still get jealous when I hear a colleague celebrate a 100K year. I still want things to be easy for me in the business world, but that is not my path right now. My path is to focus on my small life, in my small village, with my small son; a life that is giving me everything I want and more. 

Here’s the thing though: had I never stopped dieting, I would have never ever dared to venture out into the world, try out new dreams, feel new feelings, listen to the beat of my heart and arrive back in the village I loathed so much growing up.

I would’ve never begun writing, podcasting, coaching. I would’ve never gone anywhere. I would’ve never arrived back at home.

If I hadn’t stopped living for being thin, I would’ve never started the journey towards finding my inner core that I’ve been on for 5 years now.

Girl, I wouldn’t have gone anywhere.

So, where is it you’re going? Are you still running in circles? Are you wishing and dreaming – but only of having a thin body? Is your life void of any substance other than knowing how many calories are in a handful of Cashews? Where are you going? Where do you want to be going? And is dieting really the doorway to the life of your dreams?

Give yourself at least one opportunity to find out what your life would be like if you didn’t think about food 24/7. Give yourself at least a year of freedom from new crazy weight loss programs.

Give yourself the chance to break free and start the life that will actually make you go somewhere – wherever that somewhere may be for you. 


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