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Shifting From Weight To Wellbeing with Linda Bacon

by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt on July 25, 2016


Linda Bacon, Health at Every Size, Body Respect

Doe you still believe that being fat is unhealthy and losing weight will extend lives?


Then this episode of Escape Diet Prison is for you.

This week I am joined by acclaimed research scientist, author and my personal hero Linda Bacon who shows that a focus on weight backfires. Instead that the best way to deal with health concerns is to end the quest for thinness, focus on good health habits, and let your weight naturally settle.

Linda Bacon backs her claims on solid research; so, if you’re still sceptical about the validity of the no diet lifestyle, listen to this episode. She has published in top scientific journals and is author of the highly acclaimed popular press books, Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight and Body Respect: What Conventional Health Books Get Wrong, Leave Out, or Just Fail to Understand about Weight.

You can learn more about Linda Bacon and her work at:, join the HAES Community and ASDAH.

We talk about:

  • Linda’s Bat Mitzvah and her discomfort having to be a woman now
  • Gender Identity and how this relates to body image, dieting and weight
  • Worthiness and weight loss
  • The concept of Health in Health at every size
  • Body Respect
  • They myth of finding happiness in weight loss
  • What it means to be authentic and our strong desire to fit in at all cost
  • How to deal with the transition time when letting go of dieting as a lifestyle and adopting more HAES principles
  • and so much more.

Community matters big time on your way to respecting your body and learning to let go of the need to diet and change your shape. Join the free Escape Diet Prison Facebook group to have the support you need on the way to accepting your body today.


Unravel Your Binding Body-Thoughts with Cathy Dean

by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt on July 18, 2016



In this week’s episode of Escape Diet Prison, I am joined by Cathy Dean.

Cathy is a certified Martha Beck coach and endorsed Mind Body coach who helps in-demand, entrepreneurial high-achieving women free themselves from stress and binding body thoughts so they can honor their bodies and reach for more abundance and adventure.

Cathy used to feel trapped by her body shame and size. When she unraveled her binding body thoughts, she finally felt free to pursue her calling—to bring the body-positive movement to the forefront—with wild and boundless enthusiasm.

In this episode, we talk about

  • Cathy’s body image and dieting journey and how her life has changed since she began to respect her body
  • Cathy’s book: Exercise? But I don’t want to, which you can find here
  • How Cathy got involved in the body-positive movement
  • How stress and binding body thoughts influence each other
  • the best tips to begin the journey to more body-confidence
  • how to deal with the constant messages that we have to be thinner, more toned, look better to be worthy, etc.
  • How to accept emotions back into your life
  • How to deal with “fat” days or “low self-esteem” days
  • Who inspires Cathy on this journey to feeling confident in her body
  • The Body Positive
  • embody: Learning to Love Your Unique Body (and quiet that critical voice!) by Connie Sobczak
  • Cathy’s experiences becoming a Martha Beck Life Coach
  • and so much more

If you would like to learn more, check out Cathy’s program Boundless Body: Gain Confidence to Celebrate Size You! at

Email Cathy at

You heard Cathy say it: Joining a Body Positive Group is super important on your way to respecting your body and learning to let go of the need to diet and change your body. Join the free Escape Diet Prison Facebook group to have the support you need on the way to accepting your body today.


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