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The message Oprah’s Weight Watchers’ ad sends out to the world

by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt on January 17, 2017



Oprah’s Weight Watchers’ ads are all over American TVs these days creating more frustration than inspiration in women everywhere.

Ever since Oprah got financially involved in the weight loss industry, there’s been an outcry amongst those of us who do not dedicate their life to achieving thinness at all costs. Looking at the claims of eternal happiness after the weight is finally off, we have to start directing the world-wide diet conversation in a more profound and healing direction.

Oprah has power and she uses it to send a clear message out into the world: no matter how rich and influential you are, no matter how much good you’ve done throughout your life, no matter how much you have achieved, you’re not a whole person until you’ve finally lost those pounds that you’ve been trying to lose for decades.

Well, messages like this, messages sent by powerful women in the spotlight are extremely dangerous and harmful to women everywhere. 

The truth is that you can be happy without losing weight.

The truth is that you can be fulfilled without being thin.

And the truth is that you will not heal your issues with food by going on a weight loss diet.

The only thing that happens if you continue to strive for thinness is a bigger gap between you and your body’s wisdom. You’re detaching more and more from the living and ever-changing frame that is keeping you alive.

In this episode of the Escape Diet Prison, we discuss the impacts of influencers’ decision to join the weight loss industry’s games and what we can do in order to build resilience in ourselves and stop the constant judgment of women that is going on in this world.

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How to heal the in-between binges

by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt on January 15, 2017

transition out of your dieting lifestyle

Do you struggle with the in-between binges? The ones that arise when you feel super stressed?

When they’re no new clients, not enough money, just no flow?

It’s SO easy to get triggered into an epic binge or even “just” a big ol’ emotional eating orgy when things just don’t go the way you planned.

These emotions can really mess with your mind AND they mess with your career. Because what’s worth than wasting an afternoon or two eating all that is in sight, only to feel guilty and spend hours planning a new diet, going threw diet books or researching the latest workout wonders?


You can’t attract new clients when you’re in this space.

Plus, your current clients totally notice when your thoughts are with your body and your food instead of being completely fixated on the client on the phone.

So, if you’re struggling with this (albeit secretly), it’s time to do these 3 things:

1. Learn the most effective de-stress method out there: Breathing.

There’s nothing more powerful than taking deep, long belly breaths. It instantly helps your lizard brain to calm down, putting your nervous system into relaxation mode. The more relaxed you are the less overwhelming is the drive to eat.

2. Change your go-to response.

Reach out to your community to vent instead of pushing food down your throat and messing with your natural metabolism and hunger/satiation signals.

Find a buddy you can call up whenever you’re in that anxious space that announces a new binge.

Head out the door for a walk.

3. Feel your feelings and accept them as they are

Sometimes business is hard. Sometimes it is super infuriating, super frustrating, going too slow, going too fast, just not aligned with where you are now.

It’s OK to feel frustrated, angry, jealous, sad. It is OK. We all do at times.

So, allow yourself to go there – even if it’s just for a minute without freaking out and heading for the fridge. Give yourself a couple of moments to feel what is going on, check where it hurts and what could help. I promise you that food is rarely the answer.


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