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The Best Summer Diet

by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt on May 2, 2016

Summer diet

Summer is around the corner.

Time to get ripped, lose those five pounds you’ve put on in winter, tone your butt for your perfect bikini figure, get rid of your cellulite and your muffin top. Oh and did I mention, it’s time to diet?!

It’s the same old story. Groundhog day.

Once again, we’re bombarded with these messages that shame us, belittle us and make us focus on all the wrong things.

Every year, instead of being excited about the warmer temperatures, the long evenings spent outside, the time at the water or the barbecues with friends, millions of women (and men) freak out about their upper arms, their thighs and their hips, terrified to show some skin, terrified of being judged.

And so we diet, we cut out, we reduce and we negate ourselves all the fun that summer brings with it.

It’s sad. It’s frustrating. It’s kinda dull.

That’s why I say: No More!

Let’s stop this nonsense and instead of fretting about our weight, let’s focus on the sunshine, the green leaves, the blue skies and the smiles that summer brings with it. Let’s take our lives back, put on those bikinis even if we don’t have the perfect body and show how beautiful we really are.

Let’s start a self-love revolution and shock the world with “real bodies”, “real beauty” and “real body-acceptance”. Let’s be the change. 

Let’s be honest; we’re all suffocating.

We’re numbing our feelings, our experiences in this world by living a lie.

We’re hiding behind the calories, the numbers, the weight in order to stay small. We’re locking ourselves into the illusion of being a body instead of freeing ourselves by realizing we’re so much more. 

This summer, let’s walk towards freedom.

Let’s commit to stepping outside, eating ice-cream when we feel like it, going hiking when we want.

Let’s commit to showing our bodies, indulging in the beautiful colors of this season.

Let’s commit to eating when we’re hungry and stopping when we’re full.

Let’s commit to indulging in fresh fruits and seasonal veggies, tasting the sunshine in our mouths.

Let’s commit to spreading joy beyond our bodies and with our talents.

Let’s commit to shifting our perspective and seeing our true beauty.

Let’s commit to seeing the beauty in being healthy and forgetting about wanting to look a certain way.

Let’s commit to starting the best summer diet in the world: No diet at all. [Tweet this]

Let’s commit to simply being true to who we are!

If you’re in, then share this post and write a comment below. Are you going to enjoy this summer or will you diet in order to perpetuate a certain beauty ideal?

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How Facebook Impacts Your Self-Image

by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt on April 25, 2016

Do you ever get stuck on Facebook comparing old photos of yourself to the most recent ones and are angry because you’ve changed?

Do you ever get stuck on Instagram looking at models in bikinis and cry because you don’t look that way?

Do you ever google the most recent diet fads and wish you had the willpower to follow those to a T?

The internet impacts the way we see ourselves in big ways. There are plenty of opportunities for comparing, belittling, stalking, obsessing over different body types, bikini shots and the life that others seem to live.

It’s quite easy to get into a spiral of self-doubt, self-rejection and the feeling of always being less than when you spend too much time on the social web.

Facebook and your self-image

This episode of Escape Diet Prison is dedicated to the influence that Facebook and Co. have on your body image, diet plans and self-image.

Telling my story of not having access to wifi for 3 months, I share my favorite ways of learning to deal with the dangers of the internet in a healthy way.

Log off

This one is quite obvious but super effective. Try logging off when everything gets too much or do it every day as a preventative measure to save your self-image.

Upload fewer photos

If the comparison of yourself to yourself or others takes over your life, stop uploading so many photos to the social web. This is not a great long terms strategy, but it will kickstart your way to a healthier body image.

Up your self-care

In times of being vulnerable, you’ve got to kick your self-care routine up a notch. Do what feels good, ask the right questions, get out, lean in, do what you have to do to ground yourself again.

Educate yourself

Remember that photoshop, filters, angels, poses, lighting are real and dramatically alter the way one looks in photos. Keep that in mind when you go down a toxic spiral of self-hate because others just look a billion times better than you ever will.

Build Resilience

This is what it all comes down to. Cultivating resilience to the harm that the internet can do to your self-image takes commitment but it’ll help you to be online, see photos of others or yourself and not get triggered by them anymore.

Enjoy this episode of Escape Diet Prison and do share it if it helped or inspired you.

Love and light,

anne-sophie signature


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